BARCELONA – Sports Capital of Europe


Sports Capital of Europe

Barcelona, the second largest city of Spain, But the most popular City in Spain. If you like Sports and travelling or If You love architecture and art. Then Barcelona is a must visit for you. It is famous for its history, culture, architecture & Weather. Its cultural roots go back around 2000 years. Barcelona is filled with numerous museums, Buildings with the City History Museum being the most famous one. It is also an important economic centre. It’s a beautiful city and big tourist attraction. It has a very famous soccer team FCBarcelona.


Most Famous Things in Barcelona:

  • Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia and Park Güell

  • Gaudí’s Casa Batlló and Casa Milà

  • FCBarcelona

  • La Rambla

The city has a lot more to enjoy, it’s even probable you’ll enjoy more It’s having both beach and mountains. The best period of time to come is during Christmas or the third week of April during the Books festival: St George’s Day. Barcelona did not always have tourist destination, after the 1992 Olympics, tourism in Barcelona exploded. Renting bike will be cheapest as well as enjoyable. Barcelona has something for everyone So Don’t wait Just hit Barcelona.


How to Reach Barcelona

1.By Plane

Top Airports

Barcelona International Airport

You can also find best deals here.

2.By Train

Barcelona is well-connected to the Railway network with rest of The Europe. Booking early tickets is Advisable, you can book here.


3.By bus

 Busses are the cheapest way to Reach if you are near Barcelona or travel inter-city. No need to book early but you book early you will get better deal. Book Now!



Choose your travel Season

Summers in Spain

During summers, the beaches get heavily crowded; the entire coastline becomes a playground for sun worshippers. The season starts in the month of June and ends by August.

Monsoons in Spain

Spain is the dreamland for adrenaline junkies and destination is a perfect year-round destination. Before planning a Spain Holidays, do not travel in November as it rains heavily.

Winters in Spain

Winter season in Spain, starts in the month of December and ends by mid-March. Northern Spain is a truly fantastic spot with scenic landscapes and a warm climate. Coastal cities of Spain are truly wonderful spots to discover on Spain Holidays.


Barcelona – Key to travel Europe

Europe trip is the most lovable trip to the traveller. Trip to Europe is the dream of every traveller and Barcelona is the best place to start your dream destination. You can travel by bullet train or cruise as per your choice. There are advantages to both ways of transport.

The cruise ship is your hotel and the hotel take you places so you don’t have to worry about packing, finding a hotel at each destination you want to visit and then taking a train to the next destination. Travelers who enjoy slow leisurely passage of time and scenery enjoy the speed of a cruise on the ocean and on a river, while travellers who enjoy getting there in a hurry to do more in a limited time enjoy bullet trains. Bullet trains are great for getting there quickly. Cruses are great for seeing the scenery go by and not being in a rush while getting there. The world economy depends on a lot of things, but tourism is one we should enjoy doing for the fun and the economics.

If you like a lot of rest, dining, dancing then take cruise. If you take cruise, then you will have just taste of some selected cities. For example, you will miss Paris, Rome. The ship will touch say Venice, Barcelona, Athens? Marseilles? You will get a glimpse of these cities but you won’t have time to really visit the cities in detail. You will miss museums, castles in France for example.


Travelling by train means Freedom & Cruises are strict with the schedule, and have no freedom at all.

Tips Before Travel

  • Book Tickets Online (in advance) – This will save your time
  • Wake up early to avoid crowd
  • Travel via public transport Metro & Busses – This will save your money
  • Buy Metro T-10 Card For 10 Rides Costs 10.20 € and a single ticket will cost you 2.20€.
  • No Late Dinner – Eat between 9 P.m to 10 P.m – Otherwise many Restaurants will close.
  • Carry Cash – Credit / Debit Cards are not accepted everywhere
  • Learn Spanish or only common Phrases – you will be treated much better
  • Watch your bags- pick-pocketing is their most common crime (especially in metro)
  • Eat traditional Spanish food – Find Paella and Tapas, along with meats, vegetables and grains. You can find seafood and fresh fruits besides food market and restaurants
  • Use Super-markets for items like breads, fruits & many more
  • Do not go in large group (More Than 15 Members)
  • Get Travel Insurance


Top Destination in Barcelona

  • La Pedrera: Beautiful residential building. You need to buy tickets to avoid lines get tickets online.
  • Sagrada Familia: This iconic Under Construction church for more than 100 years. It is Under Construction But beautiful. And same tip for tickets Buy Online
  • Plaça Espanya: A beautiful plaza surrounded by beautiful views and amazing buildings. If you roam here by night, you will also capture the musical fountains.
  • Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau: This beautiful modernist hospital is a hidden gem. Full of beautiful designs and more chances for great photos as it’s less crowded than the other sites.
  • Passeig de Gracia: Barcelona’s main boulevard. This is a must stroll. You will be flabbergasted by the number of beautiful buildings. Make sure to not miss the block of discord where you can make the decision as to which house is the most beautiful in the block.
  • Parc Guell: Another must go sight built by Gaudí. It has beautiful views of Barcelona and the architecture itself is noteworthy.
  • Montjuic: The site of the Olympic stadium for the Barcelona 1992 Olympics, this mountain is full of museums, restaurants and parks that are definitely worth checking out.
  • Beaches: Amongst the several attractions Barcelona has in its store for travellers like you, the stunning beaches cannot be missed. Don’t miss the Mediterranean vibes in Barcelona.
  • Barceloneta: Barcelona’s local beach. It will transport you to a beach town with great places to catch some sun or snap your new profile picture.

Really cool Destination

  • Razzmatazz or Otto Zutz: If you want to check out Barcelona nightlife, check out these classic clubs. You will be partying into the early morning.
  • Tibidabo Amusement Park – One of the oldest amusements parks that has so much to offer. Kids can enjoy the rides of the Panoramic Area
  • Aquarium – A visual treat for sea life lovers. The aquarium is full of sharks, a tropical coral reef, and the spectacular Oceanarium, located in the Port Vell. Skip the line and get your ticket here.
  • Zoo – Barcelona hosts an amazing zoo which homes to a vast variety of animal life including gorillas, dolphins, sea lions, tropical bird, reptiles and many other animals – over 400 species in total. The zoo is open every day. You can get your ticket here.

Museums & Mountain

  • CosmoCaixa – If you want to explore and learn something, this science museum is for you. It has Amazonas rain forests and hands-on experience with lots of scientific experiments. You should call in advance or book online.
  • Chocolate Museum – Particularly built for kids and chocolate lovers. It starts with an entrance ticket out of chocolate, you’ll find e.g. comic figures out of chocolate and many more things. Of course, you can buy some chocolate at check out.
  • Montjuïc Mountain – Hire a cable car and get a picturesque view of Barcelona from the heights of the mountain. The cable car also takes you to the castle which provides a wonderful panoramic view of the city.
  • Camp Nou – The majestic home ground of the famous Football Club is Barcelona club. It is the biggest stadium in Europe and quite a craze among the football fans. The best time to be there is during a football match where the football craze is at its maximum.
  • Picasso Museum – The legendary artist and his genre are quite popular among art lovers. Visit and explore the great artwork by this genius
  • Santa Maria del Mar – This Catalan Gothic church was a 10th century Gothic church. It used to be a poor man’s church, where the lower rung of the society would visit. The higher strata of the society would visit cathedrals.
  • Casa Mila – This is a popular venue inspired by Gaudi for exhibitions and concerts.


I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for a trip in Barcelona. The great thing about Barcelona is that there are always more things to discover. Feel the beauty of Barcelona.

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