Thailand Mild to Wild

Thailand Mild to Wild

 Know About Thailand:

 Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Thailand is surely between November to February because at this time, the weather is at its best in the whole of Thailand. In the Northern Thailand, the months from November to May are usually towards the drier side, as Northern Thailand experiences heavy rainfall from the months of June to October, hence visiting Thailand between these months can ruin your trip. Also, the temperature levels fall during the time of November till January, so one is advised to keep warmer clothes in their luggage. The Southern part of Thailand has the wet times going on the western coast whereas the eastern coast experiences the wetter times during September to December.


Currency: Thai baht (THB).  US$ 1 = THB 31.20


Scammers of Thailand

Thailand has many scams and it can really take tourists by surprise. Don’t get me wrong I loved my visit there, but yeah you can really be tricked by a few there.

Here are some dirty scammers tricks that are quite common in Thailand.

It doesn’t hurt to be cautious with following tips when you are visiting this island nation.

Hotel Scams

Hotel Will ask you for deposits for their security, Feeling fishy its uncommon. Scam starts when you will checkout, they will replace something from your room to damage one then they will not deduct money from your deposit.

Solution – Don’t Give Deposit & Book Online If They Ask deposit forcefully ask them to send someone to check room. Checking room in your presence is always safe.

Tuk-Tuk Fare

When You book Tuk-tuk For Roaming around the city, they will never talk about money After Reaching Destination They Will Ask You 10x Fare & If You Argue They Will The thrusts sound loud and you will be helpless

Solution – Fix Price before Tuk-tuk start

Tuk-Tuk Club Scam

Tuk-tuk Guys will Offer You Free Ride to a club (very far from your location) after partying when you ready to go back to your hotel they will charge you 10x fare

Solution – Do not listen to Tuk-tuk Guys instead Use Grab App (Like UBER)

Bike renting

Renting a bike is a common sight in Thailand, bike providers ask for passport/passport copy and give you bike on rent for the day. Here the Scam Starts They Will Send A Person To Spy You (They Have Your Gps Location) and Spy Got Chance To Steal Or Damage Your Bike So The Can Ask You For Money

Solution – Ask the hotel to help you to rent your bike/car/scooter from a trusted vendor

Bills in restaurants

Double billing for items that you have ordered

Solution – Always Recheck for bill thoroughly to avoid paying extra unnecessarily.

Speedboats/Jet skiing

When you rent speed boat/jet skiing individually or as a group, they will give you faulty / very week boat When You will return After Riding, They Will Charge you for that fault or breakage

Solution – Check Your Boat Carefully & Make a 360 video of your boat to avoid this scam.

Shopping Scam

Roadside Salesmen will offer you very cheap clothes or anything he might force you to buy, or worse kidnap you

Solution – Stay Away from Them

Emergency Phone Number

Local Emergency Numbers: Tourist Police: 1155. Thailand Emergency Services (Fire, Ambulance): 191.

A Sex Destination

GOOD guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya

There are different places, depending on one’s budget and connections.

Random street pick-ups are the lowest price -which come with highest safety risk (in term of STD and crimes)

Massage Parlours / Ago-go clubs / karaoke / Facebook (yes there are group pages for this!) / Line group (like WeChat but for Thai) —these offer higher prices but overall safe (girls do physical check-up regularly + such places are very organized where there is almost no crime at all – at least from what I heard) so the most commons

  1. you go in such places, pick a girl, and go upstairs. There will be rooms like a hotel, but with bath inside the bedroom. Depending on the price of the parlour, the rooms would be more or less luxurious (3 stars to 5 stars hotel)
  2. other than massage parlours, you would pick a girl and go out to some “short-term” hotel (like 350-500 THB per 3 hours). Spend your time and then leave. The only concern is it was a random street pick-up, people risk getting drugged (sleeping pills), get their phones / wallets / watches stolen if they are not careful

If you are talking about picking a girl from a club / karaoke / etc – you know where to go back to when you lose your belongings or so. Therefore, chances are those will not happen.

  1. if you get contact info from social network group or just asking for the girls you went with before; you can just talk to her directly and make appointments.

What is it like? It is like having a temporarily girlfriend for a few hours -and remain a friend for as long as you keep contact.

And just for your information: when you “buy” a girl out, you are just buying her “time” – you do not have to go straight to bed. There are people who buy them out to go walk around town, dance in pubs, eat or drink… whatever you want to do.


Wild Parties

You can party in almost every town in Thailand. But two destinations are exclusively known for it.

Koh phangan

Koh Phi Phi

These are on beat destinations.

Koh phangan : Known well for the monthly full moon parties , The bars and hostels are mostly in party mood. There are other parties like half-moon, jungle experience etc. You can also explore the island during the day. Personally, I liked the other parties than the FMP.

Koh phi phi : The vibe is greater than full moon, You need not wait for the full moon or half-moon as every night is eventful. You can experience booze cruises during the day. Phi phi is getting polluted day by day.

There are lots of unconventional and less crowded sites for party in Thailand like koh samui and koh tao. Koh samui is a city and I found clubs are better than in Phuket. Chaweng and lamai are the areas to concentrate. Koh Tao on the other hand is a very small island not famous for parties but you can have your experience with the pub crawl in chopper’s bar. I had a memorable experience there.

  • Cities You Can Travel as Per Your Interest:


Known better for its commercial nature, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is known for both, good and bad, reasons. You will find the best electronic devices over here and this is hands down, he best place to shop from. It has a long list of sightseeing spots and a reasonable number of party places as well. So, if you are going with your family, Bangkok is the right place to go.

Chiang Mai

Located in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Rai is a located amidst beautiful mountains and is the best destination if you are a nature lover. The serenity that one finds in this place is completely different. If you and your friends love to sit back, adore the nature and chill, Chiang Rai is good for a group as well.


Being the largest city of the country, Phuket has blue water, sandy beaches, huge temples and a lot of activities in store for you. It is a pretty decent place to party. You will find a little less crazy yet enjoyable clubs and bar parties in Phuket. The Old Phuket Town is historical and beautiful to take a stroll in the evening. Go to Phuket to enjoy the sightseeing plus the party.


A lot of people visit Thailand just to enjoy the nightlife. If that is your motive, then Pattaya should be your destination. There is nothing much to see in Pattaya so nightlife would be the reason that will draw your attention to this destination.


When we start listing places with scenic views in Thailand, Krabi is one amongst the top spots on the list. It has been the best place for honeymooners. It is a very romantic destination which will set your mood right while you are here to spend some quality time with your partner.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui has the same features as Krabi but a little less crowded. It lies on the south-eastern side of the country. So, while Krabi receives rains, Samui is the best spot for a romantic getaway and vice versa.

Koh Phangan

Phangan is widely known for the crazy party that this island hosts. So, in order to witness and experience all that you’ve heard about Thailand and its crazy parties, you must go to Koh Phangan. It is most famous for the Full Moon Party that happens once in a month on a full moon night, obviously.

Set Your Itinerary Get Set Go Thailand

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